Pavel Matveyev · Interpretation of an Ordinary Landscape II

8 June 2020

In this playlist you will hear thoughts, memories, impressions and associations from residents and visitors in Karlholmsbruk. Their words are responses to looking through a gilded wooden frame installed in the Tämnarån landscape. The frame was a temporary public artwork Interpretation of an Ordinary Landscape, it was in place for 123 days. 14 recordings in 4 different languages were made between November 2016 and March 2017.


12 January 2020

Last week my colleague Ricardo Atienza spoke about our Player Piano project (2018-2019) on the National Spanish Radio. A program La casa del sonido has been aired on Radio Clásica 7 January. Now you can listen to the program online by following the link on the left.


21 October 2019

This weekend Ricardo Atienza and I are hosting a Player Piano event in Tierp. We've been invited to take part in the opening of Möbeln, the newly renovated culture house here.

Come and play with us on Saturday 26th October between 11:00-16:00.

Facebook event page is here.


10 September 2019

This week I'm staying at DAR (Druskininkai Artists‘ Residence) in Lithuania, working on an extension of The First Water project.

On Friday 13 September I'm joining another DAR resident, Volkmar Klien, in an event organized by DAR. The concert at Studium P in Vilnius will start 19:00. Free entry. Welcome!

Facebook event page is here.


10 May 2019

If you find yourself in Alcoy, Spain, come and see my exhibition
The First Water / La Primera Aigua running at Fundación Mutua Levante until 8 June.

The exhibition space is open from Monday to Saturday between 10:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00.



22 November 2018

Tomorrow Ricardo Atienza and I are hosting Player Piano Soirée where guests are invited to explore their music skills in an interactive music environment created by us. This event is a part on an ongoing research project that investigates the roles and functions of analogue keyboard instruments in the age of Spotify. 

The Studio, Konstfack, Stockholm
17:00, Friday, 23 November 2018

With support of Konstnärsnämnden, Konstfack and Klaverens hus.



01 November 2018

The First Water, my collaboration with Francisco Vilaplana, will be opening at Fundación Mutua Levante in Alcoy, Spain, 9 May 2019 (Thursday), 20:00. The exhibition will run until 8 June. Welcome!


09 October 2018

Now a major part of #möbleratierp project has been installed: four oversized "lampshades" are sitting on the lampposts just between the train station in Tierp and Möbeln, town's future culture centre.

These are accompanied by a giant armchair and four "rugs" that we have painted right on the asphalt earier this year. And there's fourth element making this "street living room" complete: a 10 seconds clip appears on the big screen attached to the facade of Möbeln 15 times every hour.

This is my collaboration with a theatre designer Åsa Norling.

And you can read more about this work by following this link (in Swedish).


27 August 2018

Welcome to Player Piano Player,
a one-day sound installation
and event at Klaverens hus
in Lövstabruk 1 September, Saturday, between 14:00-18:00.

The event is a part of an ongoing project examining piano roles in
a contemporary context. The project is a collaboration with an architect, sound artist and researcher
Ricardo Atienza.

This yearlong project is supported by Konstnärsnämnden (the Swedish Arts Grants Committee), through
a project grant we received this year. 


23 July 2018

After four days of some really intense work in the very centre of Tierp last week, the first element of #möbleratierp project is in place. This is an exciting collaboration with
a theatre designer Åsa Norling.
The work on this temporary public art commission linked to a major renovation of Möbeln, Tierp's future culture centre, has started back in 2017. After so many hours of meetings, discussions, presentations, sketching, planning, testing and ordering it's satisfying to see this project finally taking place in "reality". And much more to come!

Meanwhile you can read about this work (in Swedish) on the website of Uppsala Nya Tidning by following this link. #möbleratierp has also been covered by SVT Uppsala online and by Sveriges Radio P4.


21 June 2018

This 107 x 146 cm lightbox - a part of my work called Interpretation of an Ordinary Landscape - is now on permanent display in the library of Tierp (the municipality in Sweden where I’m based).

Back in November 2016 my friend Ad van Oostrum helped me to suspend a 137 x 197 cm wooden “gilded” frame over Tämnarån river in Karlholmsbruk, the village where I’ve now been living for 5 years. I then asked some locals and invited guests to meet me by the frame, to look at the landscape they could see through it and “interpret” it for me.

What I got was an amazing collection of personal stories - that included some childhood memories, fantasies, scientific facts, cultural references and reflections on quotidian life. I recorded all these voices and presented them in a multimedia installation in August last year.

This lightbox features an image
of that landscape which
I photographed over a period of 123 days while the frame was in place before being vandalized. I then superimposed all those photos into one, mimicking a process known as multiple exposure in analogue photography.

And the name of the project has been inspired by a collection of essays mentioned by Fergus Heron, my tutor at Brighton University back in 2006/2007.

Now that the work is in the municipal collection, I’m looking forward to the day when the complete installation will be set on display in this public space.


22 April 2018

Ricardo Atienza and I are currently working on a new art project with
a provisional title Player Piano. One of our aims is to examine a role of a piano in a contemporary context. For that we would like to talk to those who own this instrument. These people don’t need to be professional musicians, as we’re mostly interested in their experience of owning/using the instrument.

If you have a piano at home or know someone who does, could you please help us by sending me an email to We would then agree when and how we can meet to record short interviews. The conversations can be taken in a language you (they) are most comfortable with. We speak English, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, French and some Italian.

We would be very grateful for your help.


26 February 2018

If you're in Central Sweden around Easter, my work 38 Views of Blanca from Centro Negra will be on show in my living room 30 March - 2 April 11.00-17.00. The work has been produced in April 2017.

More details are here (click on the link, in Swedish).


23 December 2017

The last print from this size edition is available.
This is a pigment print on Somerset photo 100% cotton paper; image is 18,6 x 26 cm. The print is float mounted on 2 mm aluminium and framed with 2 mm "artglass". Signed, stamped "Pavel Matveyev" and numbered "1/1" in black pen, dated "framed 2017" on the reverse of the mount. This is unique edition, please contact me for price details.


19 October 2017

Yesterday a small exhibition called Dead Zones has opened
at La Sapienza Università di Roma, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia in Italy. The exhibition presents two series of photographs from two zones affected by military actions. The first series is the Kupari Resort in Durbovnik, Croatia, which I photographed for Radio Liberty last year. The second series is from the war zone in eastern Ukraine, photographed by a historian and journalist Anton Naumlyuk. The exhibition curated by Elena Fanailova is open until 10 Nov at Villa Mirafiori. Welcome!


12 October 2017

My latest collaborative project With Everyone's Imagination Atrophied, No One Will Ever Be a Threat to the World #5 is on display at Designgalleriet in Stockholm until 27 October. The gallery is open Mon-Fri 11-18, Sat 11-15. With Daria Makarenko. Welcome!


25 September 2017

Vernissage for With Everyone's Imagination Atrophied, No One Will Ever Be a Threat to the World #5 at Designgalleriet in Stockholm is on Thursday 5 October from 17:00. Welcome!


17 June 2017

Save the date: 5 October, Thursday, Designgalleriet, Stockholm. Opening of an exhibition showing my new work and an exciting collaboration. Details to follow.



28 May 2017

Kronstadt Stories-2. Archive curated by Elena Gubanova (RU) opens in the Poterna exhibition hall of the Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg 7 June 16:00. The exhibition will run until 2 July. More information here.

28 мая 2017

Выставка "Кронштадтские истории-2. Архив" (куратор - Елена Губанова) откроется в потерне Государева бастиона Петропавловской крепости в Петербурге 7 июня в 16:00.
Продлится выставка до 2 июля. Добро пожаловать!


09 May 2017

Save the date: 12 August, Saturday, noon, Tierp library. Vernissage for the Interpretation of an Ordinary Landscape. See you in the darkness of a summer noon, in the realm of rustle and whispers.

The exhibition will run from 10-26 August.



28 March 2017

Kronstadt walk produced during the NCCA residency in June 2015 will be a part of the exhibition Kronstadt Stories-2. Archive in the postern of the Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg in June 2017.
Exhibition dates will be confirmed in due course.

28 марта 2017

В июне в потерне Государева бастиона Петропавловской крепости в Петербурге пройдет выставка "Кронштадтские истории-2. Архив", частью которой станет моя работа "Прогулка по Кронштадту". Даты выставки сообщу дополнительно.
Работа была создана во время пребывания в арт-резиденции Государственного центра современного искусства (ГЦСИ) в Кронштадте в июне 2015 г.


13 March 2017

Sadly the picture frame for my project Interpretation of an Ordinary Landscape has been vandalised heavily and will need to be taken down shortly. The piece has survived 123 days of some drastic weather changes and strong winds, but failed to resist
some human violence.

Welcome to the exhibition Interpretation of an Ordinary Landscape in Tierp library in August. Vernissage date will be confirmed.


Photo: Francisco Vilaplana

06 February 2017

I am pleased to share that I have been selected as an artist-in-residence by AADK Spain. This means that I will be staying at their Centro Negra residency in Blanca, Murcia, in April. My plan is to continue working on the project The First Water in Molinar valley outside Alcoy and to produce a site-specific work in Blanca. If you are in the area then, please do get in touch!


25 January 2017

It sometimes strikes me how some things accidentsally found in the abandoned places look like elaborate, thought-through art projects. Earlier this week my friend Björn and I ended up inside Karlit – a major factory in Karlholmsbruk, a village where I spend in average half of my time; the factory has been closed five years ago. The buildings are currently being put down and it felt surreal to walk through some of them being totally deserted, with the "skeletons" of the structures being exposed in some places and the grand machinery being still – and silent. The area is currently being redeveloped into an ambitious project, Karlholm Strand, with a plan to build new apartments and villas just be the sea. And while that might happen in the future, now Karlit stands as a memorial to the Swedish industry, with its "galleries" stuffed by some amazing objects and only the sounds of random pigeons and dripping water filling these once noisy workshops and halls.


10 January 2017

A great find for this research trip was a thesis Arquitectura e industria. Un ensayo topólogico de los edificios fabriles de L'Alcoià written by an architect Vicente Manuel Vidal Vidal.
We borrowed this book from the city library of Alcoy and it was a great imagination activating exercise to explore the ruins of Molinar valley with this publication at hand. Felt like a detective trying to reconstruct the events that had no witnesses. With my "partner in crime" Nathalie Wuerth.


03 January 2017

Some spontaneous singing and not so random memories and speculations in a place that might have not heard any singing for quite a while.


03 January 2017

Yesterday we walked down from Alcoy to Molinar: the route that the workers engaged at the factories in the valley could take back in time. It’s about 1,5 km walk starting on the narrow streets of the city and revealing some beautiful vistas once we were out of Alcoy. We found a spot from which a photo of the valley was taken a century ago and couldn’t miss the opportunity to take our own.

The first industrial developments in the valley date back to the medieval times when some flour mills were built here close to the running water – the main source of energy then. The flourmills were eventually rebuilt into paper and then textile factories following the local trends of industrialization. If one would be looking at the valley a century ago, they could see a dozen of busy factories in front of them. All of them are now abandoned and in different states of decay – from some buildings just being empty to some structures being so derelict (and taken over by nature) that it’s often impossible to imagine their initial shape.  


02 January 2017

Arrived to Alicante in the afternoon 31 December and drove to Muro de Alcoy. At dusk had a fantastic walk with Fran around the top of Molinar valley outside Alcoy where a number of paper and textile factories were active a century ago; now a realm of romantic ruins. The next step would be to visit the local library and archive and try to find more documented evidence of those processes that contributed greatly to the Spanish industrialization. Had some inspiring discussions with Fran whose grandfather was apparently involved in the paper industry here. Later today we'll try to find the point where this picture was taken around 100 years ago and compare the view. Tomorrow we'll try to activate the space of Els Solers factory with some music. The project has got its working title The First Water, after the name of the area we're currently focusing on.

The trip is supported by Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists.


05 December 2016

The frame for my current project
Interpretation of Ordinary Landscape
has been in place for 24 days and so far I had four "readings". Later this month a professor from Uppsala University is coming to Karlholm to interpret the landscape from his perspective.


16 November 2016

The frame for my current project
Interpretation of Ordinary Landscape
is now installed and I've started contacting locals. Hopefully the first meeting will happen already this week. Please do not hesitate to email me if you'd like to come and interpet this landscape.


25 October 2016

My studio temporarily moved to
my garage where I am finishing this frame for my current project
Interpretation of Ordinary Landscape
. By mid-November
the frame should be installed on site here in Karlholmsbruk and soon after that I will start inviting locals as well as external experts
to "read" that landscape for me.
The result wll be on display at the exhibition space of Tierp library for three weeks in August 2017.


22 August 2016

One more new item in the Prints section of this website!


22 августа 2016

Добавил еще одну фотографию
в раздел Prints этого сайта.


21 August 2016

I've updated the Prints section of this website with the image on the left, the item is currently available for sale.


21 августа 2016

Обновил раздел Prints этого сайта, добавив вот эту фотографию; отпечаток - в наличии.


15 August 2016

Welcome to the finissage
of 49 barns around Tierp / 49 lador kring Tierp 27 August (Saturday) 12:00 at the exhibition space
of Tierp library. During the finissage Xavier Saladin, an architect at LINK Arkitektur, Stockholm, will give
a talk about the history and modern interpretation of barns in Sweden and abroad (in Swedish).


15 августа 2016

Добро пожаловать на закрытие выставки "49 сараев Тьерпа" в выставочном пространстве при библиотеке Тьерпа 27 августа (суббота) в 12:00. Во время закрытия с лекцией об истории сараев и их современной интерпретации в Швеции и других странах выступит Ксавье Саладин, архитектор стокгольмского бюро LINK Arkitektur. Лекция - на шведском языке.


30 July 2016

Welcome to the vernissage
49 barns around Tierp / 49 lador kring Tierp 9 August (Tuesday) 16:00 at the exhibition space of the Tierp library. You can read a little bit more about the project by clicking on the link (in Swedish).


30 июля 2016

Добро пожаловать на вернисаж "49 сараев Тьерпа" в выставочном пространстве при библиотеке Тьерпа 9 августа (вторник)
в 16:00. По ссылке можно почитать о проекте более подробно на шведском.


05 July 2016

These days I am working on the
49 barns around Tierp project. So far I have approached 40 barns, this snap shot on the left depicts barn 38 from a distance.


05 июля 2016

Сейчас я работаю над проектом "49 сараев Тьерпа". Пока что
я осуществил контакт с 40 сараями, на снимке слева запечатлен на расстоянии
объект №38.



14 June 2016

And here comes the link to the program La Casa del Sonido on Radio Clásica, part of Radio Nacional de España (Spanish National Radio), aired 31 May.
The program featured a fragment of the recordings I made at the Moors and Christians festival in Muro de Alcoy earlier that month.

To listen to the program click on the link to the left.



28 May 2016

If you're in Spain on Monday 30 May, you can listen to the program La Casa del Sonido on Radio Clásica, part of Radio Nacional de España (Spanish National Radio).
The program starting 1:00 am (the night from Monday to Tuesday) will feature a fragment of the recordings I made at the Moors and Christians festival in Muro de Alcoy earlier this month.
The program will be available online on Tuesday 31 May, and I'll post the link that day.


28 mayo 2016

El lunes 30 de mayo a la 1 am de la madrugada podréis escuchar el programa La Casa del Sonido en Radio Clásica. El programa ofrecerá un fragmento de las grabaciones que realicé en las Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos de Muro el pasado mes de mayo.
El programa estará disponible online el martes 31 de mayo para aquellos dormilones.


22 May 2016

This week I got to know that I had been awarded the culture stipend given by Tierp municipality (Tierps kommun kulturstipendium).
I am so happy that I will now have some time and resources to realise a site-specific project in the area where I live and that I love.


11 May 2016

My new work 49 lador kring Tierp (49 barns around Tierp) will be on display in Tierp library exhibition space between 9 and 27 August. Vernissage is on Tuesday, 9 August, 16:00 and finissage is on Saturday, 27 August, at noon. During finissage Xavier Saladin, architect at LINK Arkitektur in Stockholm, will give
a talk.


11 мая 2016

Работа "49 сараев Тьерпа" будет представлена в выставочном зале при библиотеке Тьерпа с 9 по 27 августа. Вернисаж состоится
во вторник 9 августа в 16:00; закрытие выставки назначено
на полдень субботы 27 августа.
В связи с закрытием выставки
с небольшой лекцией выступит Ксавье Саладин, архитектор стокгольмского бюро LINK Arkitektur.
Добро пожаловать!


19 April 2016

I will be showing my new work
in Tierps Konsthall weeks 32-34. Vernissage and exhibition dates are TBC, stay tuned.


19 апреля 2016

Покажу свою новую работу
в Tierps Konsthall в середине августа. Дата вернисажа и дни,
в которые будет открыта эта выставка, сообщу дополнительно.


16 February 2016

Just a shot of 257 schoolmates at Bergby School work installed at Bergby school in Gävle county.


16 февраля 2016

Просто снимок работы "257 школьников Бергбю", установленной в школе в Бергбю в муниципалитете Йевле.


30 January 2016

My first public art project is now complete! The work 257 schoolmates at Bergby School has been revealed 27 January.
You can read the reviews of this work here and here (both are in Swedish).


30 января 2016

Мой первый public art проект завершен! Работа "257 школьников Бергбю" была представлена публике 27 января.
Вы можете ознакомиться с рецензиями на этот проект здесь и здесь (обе - на шведском).


20 December 2015

My first public art project is in its final stage. The work 257 schoolmates at Bergby School will be installed late January - early February.
Meanwhile I am developing my next project. Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


20 декабря 2015

Мой первый public art проект находится в завершающей стадии. Работа "257 школьников Бергбю" будет установлена в конце января - начале февраля.
Тем временем я работаю над своим следующим проектом. Поздравляю вас с наступающим Новым годом и желаю счастливого Рождества!


08 October 2015

It's been a very busy week: my first public art commission went into its executive stage. After testing some technical aspects in the domestic environment last week (thank you, friends, for your enormous support!), I have now moved "in the field": in three days I've photographed 243 pupils of Bergby school outside Gävle where the piece will be placed later this year. A little bit more photographing is to come.
Curious what the work will look like in the end? Stay tuned!


08 октября 2015

Неделя выдалась напряжённая: приступил к реализации своего первого public art проекта. Техническую часть я протестировал в домашних условиях на прошлой неделе (благодарю друзей за невероятную поддержку!), а на этой начал работу в "походных условиях": за 3 дня сфотографировал 243 ученика школы в Бергбю неподалеку от Йевле. Еще одна небольшая фотосессия мне там ещё предстоит. А ближе к концу года в школе будет размещена и сама работа. Интересно, как она будет выглядеть? Следите за новостями!


07 July 2015

I have now added the English version of the Kronstadt soundwalk on this website. You can listen to
the recording by following the link
in the Art section. For the full effect use headphones.

With special thanks to Seth S. Ellis and Ms Tatiana Matveyeva.


06 июля 2015

Добавил русскую версию аудиопрогулки по Кронштадту
на сайт. Прослушать файл можно, перейдя в раздел Art (верхняя запись), для прослушивания рекомендую использовать наушники. Версия на английском появится здесь в скором времени.


30 June 2015

You can now listen to the "bonus track" Seth S. Ellis and I recorded in one of the last days of our NCCA residency in Kronstadt (follow the link on the left). The recording is a result of Alvin Lucier's I Am Sitting in a Room work (1969) re-enactment, performed 27 June 2015 in an abandoned building of Kronstadt's dry dock.


28 June 2015

These are the last days of my NCCA residency in Kronstadt.
The soundwalk has premiered
25 June and soon is to be donated to the NCCA art collection. Yesterday my co-resident
Seth S. Ellis and I recorded
a "bonus track" which we hope
to release soon. Stay tuned!


03 June 2015

It was the second day of my NCCA residency in Kronstadt and so far I am finding this place puzzling and some of its sites (like the one on the left) mesmerizing. Writing down my ideas and sketching the work I am aiming to present later this month.


17 May 2015

I'm launching the second edition of the instruction cards for the project I Wanted You to Feel the Same (information on the work is on the Art page). If you would like to take part in it and perform an action I am suggesting, please send your address to and you will get an instruction card by post. The action is to be performed in Stockholm in May-August 2015.


15 April 2015

I've been selected by the NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Arts) expert council to participate in the artist-in-residence program in Kronstadt (district of Saint Petersburg) in June this year.


15 апреля 2015

Я успешно прошёл конкурс
на пребывание в художественной резиденции ГЦСИ (Государственного центра современного искусства)
в г. Кронштадте. Период резиденции - с 1 по 30 июня этого года.


23 March 2015

So What? is a new blog about Stockholm's art life. The first entry is my review of Andres Serrano's exhibition Redemption at Fotografiska.
The blog is currently in Russian only.


23 марта 2015

So What? (Ну и что? Что с того?) - это новый блог о том, что происходит в сфере искусства в Стокгольме. Первая запись - моя рецензия за выставку Андреса Серрано Redemption ("Искупление") в Fotografiska.
Пока блог существует только на русском.


17 January 2015

I'll make a presentation at the conference Ruins, Fragment, Crystal: on the Whole and Unified in the Modern Theory and Practice of Art. The conference is organised by the Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Saint Petersburg
9-10 April 2015.


17 января 2015

Выступлю с докладом на конференции "Руина, фрагмент, кристалл: о целом и едином в современной теории и практике искусства", организуемой факультетом свободных искусств и наук Санкт-Петербургского государственного университета (СПбГУ) 9-10 апреля 2015 г.


02 January 2015

Happy New Year!
This week a copy of #thefirstthingiseewheniwakeup artist's book goes to Munich.


02 января 2015

С Новым годом!
На этой неделе отправляю экземпляр "книги художника" #thefirstthingiseewheniwakeup в Мюнхен.


02 December 2014

Untitled II audiovisual installation
is on display 2-5 December
at Universidad Autonóma de Madrid (Facultad de Filosofìa y Letras).


02 декабря 2014

Аудиовизуальная инсталляция Untitled II выставляется
2-5 декабря в Мадридском автономном университете (факультет искусств).


10 November 2014

2-5 December I'll be presenting
my new sound installation
Untitled II as part
of the II International Conference "Sound and Audiovisual Spaces: Sensory and Active Experimentation" in Madrid.
Details are to follow.


10 ноября 2014

2-5 декабря буду представлять свою новую саунд-инсталляцию Untitled II в рамках
2-й международной конференции "Звук и аудиовизуальные пространства: сенсорное и активное экспериментирование". Подробности последуют.


06 November 2014

Update: 11-14 December are
the dates when you can see my work With Everyone's Imagination Atrophied No One Will Ever Be
a Threat to the World #4 in Studio 17 (Stavanger, Norway). Welcome!


06 ноября 2014

Новая информация: увидеть
мою работу "Когда воображение атрофируется у всех, никто больше не будет угрожать миру #4" в галерее Studio 17 (Ставангер, Норвегия) можно будет 11-14 декабря. Добро пожаловать!


26 October 2014

I am finishing a proposal for
a sound and audiovisual spaces conference. Finding inspiration in one of my favourite films, Fellini's 8½.


26 октября 2014

Заканчиваю заявку на участие
в конференции по звуку
и аудиовизуальным пространствам. Нахожу вдохновение в одном из своих самых любимых фильмов, "8½" Феллини.


25 October 2014

This week Radio Clásica station (part of Radio Nacional de España, RNE, Spain's national public radio service) broadcasted José Luis Carles' weekly programme La casa del sonido. The programme featured the presenter's report on the Re(s)on-Art conference held in Stockholm last month. I participated in the conference with my project I Wanted You to Feel the Same #1. If you understand Spanish, please listen to the programme (link is on the left).
From 42:50 you can hear the presentation of my work, followed by documentation kindly provided by Ricardo Atienza.


13 September 2014

Another copy of #thefirstthingiseewheniwakeup artist's book has got its owner. Limited edition of 99, each is numbered by the artist. The book is available via Konst-ig store in Stockholm.


13 сентября 2014

Еще один экземпляр "книги художника" #thefirstthingiseewheniwakeup обрел владельца. Тираж 99 экземпляров, каждый пронумерован художником. Приобрести книгу можно в стокгольмском магазине Konst-ig.


12 September 2014

One more t-shirt from the Untitled project has become a part of a Swedish private collection. Edition of 25, each is numbered by the artist.


12 сентября 2014

Еще одна футболка из проекта "Без названия" стала частью частной шведской коллекции. Тираж 25 экземпляров, каждая пронумерована художником.



20 August 2014

I've started a new project, of which I have a very vague idea (but in my case it always starts like that). For now I only have a series of images like the one here and the sentence: "I am an eye on the bottom of this river".


20 августа 2014

Начал новый проект, о котором у меня пока очень смутное представление (но в моем случае все обычно так и начинается). Пока у меня есть серия фотографий вроде той, что представлена здесь, и предложение: "Я – глаз на дне этой реки".



01 August 2014

In December I'll be showing my new work, With Everyone's Imagination Atrophied No One Will Ever Be a Threat to the World #4, in Stavanger, Norway, in a space called Studio 17. Details are to follow.


01 августа 2014

В декабре буду показывать свою новую работу, "Когда воображение атрофируется у всех, никому не захочется переделывать мир #4", в Ставангере, Норвегия, в галерее Studio 17. Подробности последуют.


31 July 2014

In September I'll be participating in Re(s)on-Art event in Stockholm with my new work I Wanted You to Feel the Same #1. Details are to follow soon.


31 июля 2014

В сентябре участвую в стокгольмском мероприятии Re(s)on-Art со своей новой работой I Wanted You to Feel the Same #1. Подробности последуют чуть позже.


29 July 2014

Today The Village published an interview with Rebecka Tudor, a priest at Mälarhöjden's church and an open lesbian. I have photographed Rebecka for this feature.

You can access it by following this link (in Russian).


29 июля 2014

Сегодня сайт The Village опубликовал интервью с Ребеккой Тюдор, священником церкви Мелархёйден и открытой лесбиянкой. Я сфотографировал Ребекку для этого материала.

Прочитать интервью можно, проследовав по ссылке.


26 June 2014

Imaginary Life, a network of creative thinkers, doers and makers, has reviewed my latest work, With Everyone's Imagination Atrophied No One Will Ever Be a Threat to the World #3, that is currently on display at Cigarrvägen 13 in Stockholm.

"Whether this is a questioning of an image-making, a nostalgic longing for a meaningful contemporary cultural identity, or a personal coming-to-terms-with-history, Matveyev captures your heart through your senses with a sensitive and elegant intervention."

You can read the whole review here.



17 June 2014

Next week I am showing my new work With Everyone's Imagination Atrophied No One Will Ever Be a Threat to the World #3 at Cigarrvägen 13 in Stockholm.

23–28 June 2014, 11.00–17.00

Vernissage Tuesday 24 June 2014, 18.00–20.00. Welcome!


17 июня 2014

На следующей неделе показываю свою новую работу "Когда воображение атрофируется у всех, никому не захочется переделывать мир #3" по адресу Cigarrvägen 13 в Стокгольме.

23–28 июня 2014, 11.00–17.00

Вернисаж во вторник 24 июня, 18.00–20.00. Добро пожаловать!



21 May 2014

Today I was informed that I have been selected to participate in
the Photonic Moments' Portfolio Review 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During two intense days in June my work will be evaluated by
an international teams of curators, festival directors, photo editors, gallery owners and publishers through individual 20 minutes
face-to-face appointments.
I am excited!


21 мая 2014

Сегодня мне сообщили, что я был выбран для участия в портфолио ревью Photonic Moments 2014, которое пройдет в Любляне, Словения. На протяжении двух интенсивных дней в июне мне предстоят встречи с международной командой кураторов, директоров фестивалей, фоторедакторов, владельцев галерей и издателей. Все они будут оценивать мою работу в формате 20-минутных индивидуальных встреч.
Я очень рад!


09 May 2014

Last week of June I will be showing my new work With Everyone's Imagination Atrophied No One Will Ever Be a Threat to the World #3 at Cigarrvägen 13 in Stockholm. Details are to follow.


09 мая 2014

В последнюю неделю июня буду показывать свою новую работу "Когда воображение атрофируется у всех, никому не захочется переделывать мир #3" в Стокгольме по адресу Cigarrvägen 13. Подробности последуют.


17 April 2014

Excellent news this afternoon:
my #thefirstthingiseewheniwakeup project is now available via Konst-ig, the largest independent art bookseller in Scandinavia. If you're in Stockholm, please drop by: Åsögatan 124.

Limited edition of 99 copies, each is numbered by the artist.


17 апреля 2014

Отличные новости на сегодня:
мой проект #thefirstthingiseewheniwakeup теперь можно приобрести
в Konst-ig, крупнейшем
в Скандинавии независимом книжном магазине, специализирующемся
на искусстве. Если будете
в Стокгольме, заходите: Åsögatan 124.

Ограниченный тираж 99 экземпляров, каждый пронумерован художником.


04 April 2014

Putting the finishing touches
on the new project. 'Premiere' is
the next week. Stay tuned ;)


04 апреля 2014

Наношу последние штрихи
на новый проект. "Премьера" состоится на следующей неделе. Следите за эфиром ;)



14 March 2014

When a man is asleep, he has in a circle round him the chain of the hours, the sequence of the years, the order of the heavenly host. Instinctively, when he awakes, he looks to these, and in an instant reads off his own position on the earth’s surface and the amount of time that has elapsed during his slumbers; but this ordered procession is apt to grow confused, and to break its ranks.

My new project is in its final state, updates are to follow soon!


14 марта 2014

"Вокруг спящего человека протянута нить часов, чередой располагаются года и миры. Пробуждаясь, он инстинктивно сверяется с ними, мгновенно
в них вычитывает, в каком месте земного шара он находится, сколько времени прошло до
его пробуждения, однако ряды
их могут смешаться, расстроиться".

Новый проект - на стадии завершения, следите
за новостями!



27 February 2014

Some time ago Swedish artist Richard Johansson saw my Sochi
t-shirt and asked me if we could swap our works. This week I received his piece - this lovely pyrography (wood burning) artwork. In spite of the fact that we have different backgrounds, work with different themes and in different techniques - and even speak different languages - I think a dialogue between two artists on a subject that we both find important has just happened.

Click here to see Richard's website.


27 февраля 2014

Некоторое время назад шведский художник Ричард Юханссон увидел мою футболку, посвященную Играм в Сочи, и спросил, можем ли мы обменяться работами. На этой неделе я получил его произведение - это прекрасное изображение, выполненное при помощи техники пирографии (выжигания по дереву). Несмотря на то, что у нас в Ричардом разная подготовка, мы работаем с разными темами и в разных техниках - и даже говорим на разных языках - думаю, диалог между двумя художниками на тему, которую мы оба считаем важной, состоялся.

Нажмите здесь, чтобы перейти на сайт Ричарда.



19 February 2014

I believe that putting art in the galleries is not the only way to ’deliver’ it to its potential audience.
I had this photograph from an ongoing project printed on a postcard and sent it to my friends, colleagues and collectors asking to reply with one word: what do they see on it?
The variety of responses surprised me. I was also pleased to the see that my respondents thought about the image, about its meaning. What else an artist can wish for!

Postcard 10 by 15 cm, edition of 30. Signed by the artist and sent by post.


19 февраля 2014

Я считаю, что выставление искусства в галереях – не единственный способ «донесения» его до потенциальной аудитории.
Я напечатал эту фотографию из своего текущего проекта в виде открытки и отправил ее своим друзьям, коллегам и коллекционерам, попросив их ответить одним словом: что они на ней видят?
Разнообразие ответов меня удивило. Я был также рад тому, что мои респонденты задумались об этом изображении, о его значении. Чего еще может желать художник!

Открытка 10 на 15 см, тираж 30 экземпляров. Подписана художником и отправлена по почте.



16 February 2014

I am not against sports and I sincerely admire the achivements of professional athletes (in fact I was about to choose a career of a professional athlete in the past). I am against the fact that the Games are hosted by the country where some basic human rights are violated. I think it's important to remember it - and even the quietest voice reminding about it should be heard.


16 февраля 2014

Я не против спорта и искренне преклоняюсь перед достижениями профессиональных спортсменов (в какой-то момент я даже готов был выбрать карьеру профессионального атлета). Я против того, что Игры проходят в стране, где нарушаются базовые права человека. Считаю, что об этом важно помнить - и даже самый тихий голос, напоминающий об этом, должен быть услышан.


Photo by Francisco Vilaplana. Фотография Франциско Вилапланы.

8 December 2013

First snapshot of the new t-shirt with my drawing. Edition of 25, each t-shirt is numbered by the artist. 100% cotton, all sizes are available.


8 декабря 2013

Первый снимок новой футболки с моим рисунком. Тираж 25 экземпляров, каждая пронумерована художником. 100% хлопок, в наличии - все размеры.


16 November 2013

This week I received this snapshot of my print that entered a private Swedish collection earlier this year. Feels amazing when I see that there is an interest to my work among different audiences.

2 prints from this edition are available.


16 ноября 2013

На этой неделе получил этот снимок моей фотографии, которая ранее стала частью частной коллекции в Швеции. Очень рад тому, что интерес к моей работе есть у самой разной публики.

В наличии - 2 экземпляра из этого тиража.


14 October 2013

I'm working on a plot of Valls hage soundwalk this week, adding elements, binding them, separating them, seeing how they work. Janet Cardiff comes to my mind, a truly inspiring artist. See a clip from her Ghost Machine video walk.


14 октября 2013

На этой неделе работаю над фабулой "аудиопрогулки" по Валльс хаге, добавляю элементы, связываю их, разъединяю, наблюдаю за тем, как они функционируют. На ум приходит Джэнет Кардифф, художник, который меня по-настоящему вдохновляет. Посмотрите клип из ее "видеопрогулки" под названием Ghost Machine.


19 September 2013

Started a new project last week, while I was on a short trip in Moscow. Here you can see the first photograph, quickly scanned and retouched.


19 сентября 2013

На прошлой неделе, во время короткой поездки в Москву, начал новый проект. Здесь вы видите первую фотографию, по-быстрому отсканированную и отретушированную.





1 September 2013

A couple of weeks ago I accompanied my family and dear friend (who works as a journalist) to Tchaikovsky state house-museum in Klin, Moscow area. Yesterday my friend published some photographs from that trip on Radio Svoboda (Radio Liberty) website she works for, with a subtitle including the following wording: "High kitch of an international gay icon". I've started following an interesting discussion of the gallery on Radio Svoboda's Facebook page. Just to give you a taste of what people say:

"What the hell, now everyone is given a gay label, it is going to be worse than Fashism. I can already see paramilitaries with the rainbow armbands marching in thongs and on high heels".


1 сентября 2013

Пару недель назад c семьей и близкой подругой (которая работает журналистом) я посетил государственный дом-музей Чайковского в Клину. Вчера подруга опубликовала несколько фотографий из этой поездки на сайте "Радио Свобода", для которого она работает. Подзаголовок галереи содержит следующие слова: "Высокий китч международной гей-иконы". Я начал следить за интересной дискуссией, которая развернулась по поводу галереи на Фейсбук-страничке "Радио Свобода". Вот, например, что пишут люди:

"Какой ужас, сейчас всем стараются навязать гей-ярлыки, это круче фашизму будет, я уже вижу штурмовиков с радужными повязками, марширующих в стрингах и каблуках".



Photo by Per Levander, Maskot. Фотография Пера Левандера, Maskot.

25 August 2013

I think that in the current circumstances one is not only allowed, but actually should contribute to "gay propaganda". This is why I participated in this shoot for Maskot, the leading producer of Swedish royalty free images.


25 августа 2013

Думаю, что в сложившихся обстоятельствах не только можно, но и нужно способствовать "гей-пропаганде". Именно поэтому я принял участие в этой съемке для Maskot, ведущего шведского агентства, специализурующегося на royalty-free фотографиях.



Drawing by Anastasia Leonova. Рисунок Анастасии Леоновой.

20 August 2013

I cannot be silent. Next year Russia is to host the Olympic Games. Meanwhile some basic human rights are violated in this country. See, for example, a recent law against "gay propaganda", which makes me a second class person. This is why I will boycott Sochi games.


20 августа 2013

Не могу молчать. В следующем году Россия должна стать хозяйкой Олимпийских игр. Тем временем в стране грубо нарушаются базовые права человека - взять, к примеру, недавний закон против "гей-пропаганды", который делает меня человеком второго сорта. Вот почему я буду бойкотировать игры в Сочи.


15 August 2013

I am developing Valls Hage soundwalk, fragments of which I presented at Gävle Konstcentrum last year (part of Hej Gävle group exhibition). I am writing the script and this scene from David Lynch’s Lost Highway comes to my mind. Fears we face when we least expect them, a surrealist clash of “reality” and dreams (or twisted reality?) and well, some magic achieved by simple means – it’s all there.